Over 20 years of experience


We have extensive experience in the electricity sector. Thanks to this experience and our excellent work, we have benefited from growth in demand for professional installers of photovoltaic systems that offer excellent value for money and come with a full warranty.  We founded SpSolar to deliver the best-possible service to our customers and realise their PV projects for own electricity generation.

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Cost savings

The installation of solar panels to generate own electricity helps both private home owners and commercial users to save energy and costs. The result is optimised electricity consumption and considerably lower electricity bills.


We have to think about future generations and make climate change prevention our highest priority.  Solar energy is a renewable source of energy that contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.


We are in the process of transitioning from fossil-based energy to other sustainable sources of energy such as solar power. Switching over to solar not only supports economic development, it also creates jobs and fosters research and development into new products to ensure that you always receive the best-possible service.


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