With connection to the grid

There are two types of system for self-consumption with grid connection: one without batteries and one with batteries to store the energy that is generated for use at a later time.

Without batteries

This system is only used if peak consumption takes place during the hours of sunshine. It is a very inexpensive system that can help you to reduce your electricity bill by around 40%.

With batteries

When there is sunlight and the system is generating electricity you can store any surplus energy in batteries for use at times when there is no sunlight. Although the batteries make this system more expensive, they reduce your electricity bill by an astounding 90%.

Questions about this type of system


Can I go completely off-grid, i.e. be self-sufficient?

The answer is yes, but we advise against it. If it rains or the sky is overcast and you use up all the power stored in the batteries you will have no electricity.

Can I start off with a system that has no batteries and upgrade it later?

Yes, we can analyse and design your project so that batteries can be added at a later date.


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